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PSA: The Coolest x86 Machine Without Intel ME

Published on the 4th of September 2021.

Public Service Announcement.

I had just found out through rigourous experimentation (when I could have done more research to find out easily) that the Intel Skulltrail motherboard is completely devoid of Intel's malware.

What is Intel Skulltrail? Oh it's not much. Just the coolest Intel platform to ever be made.

Intel Skulltrail

That's right, two CPUs, each is a Core 2 Extreme QX9775, 4 RAM slots, each hosting a DDR2 FBDIMM with ECC support maxing out at 32GB, loads of PCIe expansion (Gen1 unfortunately, no modern GPUs beyond Radeon 6000 in my experience), and you don't even have to modify the firmware to remove Intel's Management Engine!

I got mine for really cheap before people realized that this is a special edition board that apparently only 50,000 of them were ever made, so if you get a good deal go for it!