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Build Wreck Back Better!

Published on the 26th of March 2021.

The Absolute State(s) of America

Now that sleepy Joe Biden has somehow found the way to the White House, and has surprisingly not yet been removed with the 25th amendment, (or by falling down to his doom on some stairs, I thought it was a good time to explain the deja vu effect the world has been experiencing since he got into office.

Bringing Back Terrorism!

We were told to beleive that Donald Trump would bring World War III to the world. Instead, the world has enjoyed a short-lived term of peace for almost four years, that is until China gave us the sniffles, and everything that followed.

In his first press conference, Biden bemoaned about "hate against Asians", and lo and behold, a few days later we have a shooting that took the lives of 6 asians and 2 white americans. Biden also bombed Syria during his first month as "president", and everyone is now surprised that a Syrian shot 10 people afterwards.

Let's look at this a bit closer though.

How common were hate crimes against Asian Americans before Biden mentioned it? Why were people not panicked about the alleged shooter in the supermarket?

Now put yourself in the place of the United (Deep) States of America, you had your tenticles all around the world, especially the Middle East, with troops and control, and oil money coming in. Trump greatly reduced US presence in the Middle East, so how do they bring them back and take more control in the region?

If that question did not make it clear enough, think back to 9/11: Whether 9/11 was a real terrorist attack or a planned demolition is irrelevant, the fact is that Bush got into Iraq claiming they had "Weapons of Mass Destruction", there were none, and Iraq was oblitirated. Think back again to Iraq and Syria during Obama's term: Obama removed the US troops from Iraq, only to have ISIS take control of the region, and bringing back the troops again (feels kinda like he planned the whole thingfrankly). Think about Syria, Lybia, etc. The common denominator is US interference.

If Biden's puppet masters wanted to get back into the Middle East, while simultaneously pleasing the new world superpower China, these two acts make perfect sense. In addition to that, guns aren't going to ban themselves, and to push for gun control laws, these politicians need multiple big (staged, paid for, and planned) events to convince the people that they need to take their guns away.

Is it going to work? I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but yes, I beleive their plan will work, simply because after you so obviously and clearly cheat to steal an election and get away with it, you can really do anything without any setback. Frankly the only way to stop all of this chaos is if Biden and his administration got charged with treason, effectively ending his term.

So what can we serfs do?

I speak from a point of view of someone who is not an American but will inevitably be affected by these acts and policies, and I really speak for myself.

The global economy is streched thin as is, most central banks are giving stimulus (mostly to big corporation and other countries for control and for pleasing the wealthy), this will surely bring down most fiat currencies. The solution to that is to keep your wealth safe with precious metals and perhaps cryptocurrency.

As far as wars and the inevetible instability in the Middle East at least, there's really nothing regular citizens can do except praying, being aware of what is happening, and disconnecting from the big media agenda machines.

Will the US military stop Biden's (masters') plans? One can only pray and hope.

Addressing the idiocy around the Syrian shooter

It was diabolically planned. The easiest way to get the right-wing base busy while taking their rights away is to have them focusing once again on (un)Islamic terrorism. Let's ask a few important questions:

How do you restart the fake "war against terror" that Trump put to a stop?

How do you end all the peace and good relationships in the Middle East?

How do you bring terrorism back, and find a way to fund it (think like Obama and ISIS)?

How do you reignite the flames between Muslims and Christians?

It honestly feels like the Devil himself is planning everything for them.

Pray and stay safe.