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Announcing My ArchPOWER Repos

Published on the 20th of March 2021.

What is ArchPOWER?

ArchPOWER is a GNU/Linux port of the Arch Linux distribution for PowerPC computers. It is a project started by Alexander Baldeck and one that I have personal interest in.

The purpose of the repositories:

There will be four different repositories on archpower-staging, archpower-aur, archppc-staging, archppc-aur.

The archpower variants are powerpc64le binaries, with "staging" containing the packages from the Arch Linux main repos but not yet in ArchPOWER, and "aur" being some packages that I use from the AUR prebuilt for powerpc64le.

The "archppc" variants will contain the same packages but for ppc32, aka Big Endian PowerPC 32-bit. There are no 64-bit BE binaries but there is a 64-bit BE kernel which enables full support on G5 based machines.

All the packages in these repos will be built with proper tuning for the target machine, LTO, and level 3 optimization, so for ppc64le I will use "-mtune=POWER9 -O3 -flto -pipe", and for ppc32 I will use "-mtune=G4 -O3 -flto -pipe". Some packages will not build with LTO obviously and for those it will be cancelled. This is an experiment to see how much performance I can extract from old machines like my PowerBook G4 12" 1.5GHz.

Hopefully things go well, and most of these packages end up in the main git repository as well as the main ArchPOWER repos when Alexander and I finish setting things up there, but for now if you'd like to use my packages for testing (would highly appreciate it!), here is the pacman.conf additions needed for ppc64le:

Server =

Server =

And for ppc32:

Server =

Server =

This article was written on a Talos II Lite running ArchPOWER ppc32 using vim and w3m only in Xfce