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Welcome to My Web Property!

Published on the 8th of March 2021.

Introducing Myself.

I am Sadoon Al-Bader, a Computer Engineering undergraduate at the American University of Kuwait (in my last semester as of writing this article). I am passionate about computers and free and open-source technology and have been for many years now. One of my dreams is a future where all technology (or at least all the stuff that matters) is free and open-source.

I specialize in hardware design with SystemVerilog, and I also know quite a bit of VHDL. On the software side I prefer using C whenever possible and I'm also trying to use D if and when it becomes available on more architectures. The K.I.S.S (Keep it simple, stupid) principle accurately describes my preference when it comes to anything about technology, and really anything in life too.

My fascination with computers started with me playing DooM and using floppy drives on Windows 98 (or was it 95?) when I was four years old. Living with computers for so long and using them on a daily basis got me attached to many computers over the years, and I still remember almost crying when my old Acer laptop with a whopping 30GB hard drive with Counter Strike and CnC Generals on it died.

"Web Property"?

Aye, I have been putting off creating my own website for a while until the "great purge" started. Being a conservative and a supporter of the American president Donald J. Trump meant that Twitter had banned me after the January 6th capitol "riot". I had been playing with fire on Twitter for a year and seeing my friends get banned left and right before my turn came. To be frank I was hoping to get banned as soon as possible so that it would push me to take my internet freedom more seriously, and here we are.

"Web Property" is a really nice way to describe a personal website, and especially given that this idea was inspired by Luke Smith's "landchad" video, where he showed how to create a website and email server in under 45 minutes, and that's exactly what I did.

The whole theme of the website, including the CSS style, is from, I immediately fell in love with the simplistic, HTML only design that the Sheikh had done on his website (and everything on the website itself frankly, go check him out!), and that he gives permission for anyone to use it.

My Stance On Politics

Again, simplicity really defines what I strive for in life; there's enough complication in our everyday lives that I very much would prefer if mankind didn't add any more.

This is especially relevant in politics

A small government is simple and pragmatic; big government is designed to be complicated to gain more control over people's lives. Using precious metals as currency is simple and gives power to the people; using a central-bank-issued fiat currency is designed to be complicated and tightly controlled by the "elite". Sexuality as God intended it within the confines of marriage between a man and a woman is a very simple concept that makes perfect sense (it IS the only way to bring children and raise them properly). Sexuality as defined by the "letter people" where "anything goes between any two things", is complicated and degenerate. Gender as God created it: male and female, with their similarities and differences complementing each other, is a very simple and biologically sound concept. Gender as defined by the "letter people" has no meaning.

To me, conservatism is defined by what's simple and makes sense.

Whatever things both low I.Q. and high I.Q. people agree upon, and midwits struggle to understand: that's conservatism.

What I plan to publish here:

I plan to write articles about anything that interests me, including free and open-source software and hardware, retro computing, updates on my personal projects and projects that I am involved in, politics, religion, and pragmatic living.

If that sounds like something that interests you, welcome aboard!

And if you found my political opinions offensive, Get off my lawn!

Always wanted to say that.

Until the next time I get bored or overly caffeinated..

This entire article was written on a PowerBook G4 running ArchPOWER and in a pure TTY using tmux, vim and w3m only. Is that cool or what?